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Opened in April 2018, the clinic provides free information and legal assistance on a wide variety of non-criminal topics including adoption/guardianship, family law, housing, public benefits, consumer protection, etc. The civil legal clinic serves families with children attending Evanston/Skokie Schools.


  1. Who is eligible for help from the School-Based Civil Legal Clinic?
    • Any family with children attending or about to attend Evanston/Skokie Schools is eligible to receive help from the School-Based Civil Legal Clinic.
  2. What types of cases does the Civil Legal Clinic handle?
    • The School-Based Civil Legal Clinic provides free information and legal assistance on a wide variety of non-criminal topics including adoption/guardianship, family law, housing, public benefits, and consumer protection.
  3. How much does it cost to use the school-based civil legal clinic?
    • The Moran Center’s legal services are free to qualified clients and clients may qualify to have court filing fees waived.
  4. Do I need an appointment?
    • You can make an appointment by calling 224-714-0348 or emailing,

Get Help: 

We conduct intakes and answer questions via phone (224-714-0348) or email, You may also complete our intake application online*.


Renters! Take advantage of a new law that allows you to seal past evictions on your record.

Check Out Cook County Renters’ Rights: Panel Discussion with SBCLC Managing Attorney Megan McClung


Volunteer attorney Alicia Aiken successfully advocates for unemployment benefits for two separate families!  In both matters, the unemployment claims were made during the pandemic, denied because of alleged fault of the employee, and Ms. Aiken appealed the denials.  She secured a reversal at the Board of Review in one case, which awarded the family much needed months of benefits back pay, including the $600 weekly Federal pandemic payment.  In the other case, the denial was not reversed, yet Ms. Aiken supported the client to be persistent in calling Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) to get the special pandemic unemployment benefits instead.  IDES reviewed and finally agreed with the client, awarding critical necessary pandemic unemployment, with back pay to when she lost her job.    

With the new federal unemployment programs, it can be confusing to figure out who is eligible for what, even for the staff at IDES.  Ms. Aiken shares insight from her experience for all our volunteers, which is this: if anything about the pandemic is getting in the way of people working right now and a person has a recent history of getting paid for work, then they should apply for unemployment benefits.  If the person gets an informal answer that they are not eligible, then demand a formal determination.  That will force the experts inside of IDES to look at their situation, and a formal determination gives appeal rights.  Volunteer lawyers can make a big difference by helping people with their appeals -whether it is help at the hearing or through a written administrative appeal.  The Moran Center is fortunate and grateful to volunteer lawyers, like Alicia Aiken, for assisting our community’s families!

Volunteer Information: 

SBCLC Virtual Workshops.

We created a linktree to centralize resources that volunteers may need when conducting case intakes. The Linktree includes links to each intake form and additional resources such as a fact sheet for unemployment benefits, new client disclaimers in English and Spanish, the Volunteer Manual and a Legal Server FAQ sheet. The Linktree can be found by clicking HERE.


SBCLC Legal Server Training:
This training is designed to help current volunteers learn the basics of the Moran Center’s case management system, Legal Server. Familiarity with the system will help volunteers conduct efficient case intake and comprehensive case management. Check out the video below:

Aid & Advocate in Landlord Tenant Disputes
Advising and Advocating in Family Law
Helping Client Navigate Unemployment Benefits

The Moran Center for Youth Advocacy’s School-Based Civil Legal Clinic (“SBCLC”) provides students’ families in Evanston/Skokie School District 65 with free legal advice and representation impacting the students’ ability to stay in and succeed in school.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this 3-part training series is designed for both current and new volunteer attorneys to understand the basics in three key legal areas currently impacting families. Each training is 1 hour, recorded and can be viewed by clicking on the videos below.

SBCLC Virtual Workshop: Part I

SBCLC Virtual Workshop: Part II

SBCLC Virtual Workshop: Part III

Volunteers need to complete a volunteer application, and pass a background check in order to volunteer for the clinic. Our volunteers include attorneys and non-attorneys. While our non-attorneys can’t represent clients, they can assist with intakes at the clinic and help at community events. 

If you are interested in becoming a Moran Center School-Based Civil Legal Clinic volunteer, please complete our volunteer application OR contact our School-Based Civil Legal Clinic Attorney, Megan McClung, at or call her at 224-714-0518.