Team Moran Center…


small team…


Patrick Keenan-Devlin
Executive Director & Juvenile Justice Attorney
Kristen Kennard
Deputy Director & Director of Social Work Services
Tom Verdun
Director of Legal Services
Joi-Anissa Russell
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Donna Masini
Director of Operations
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   Pam Cytrynbaum    Restorative Justice Coordinator
Åsa Gezelius
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Luca Guacci
Education Attorney
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Susan Knight
Grants Manager
Megan McClung
School-Based Civil Legal Clinic Attorney
Naomi Ostrander
Communications Manager
Verity Sandell
Education Attorney
Ina Silvergleid
Expungement Attorney
Andrew Sowle 
Public Interest Legal Fellow
Patrick Sullivan
Legal Fellow
Donna Wong-Long
Development Associate

Photography by Mitzvah Photography.