Subin Abraham

Manager of Foundation & Corporate Relations

Originally from Trenton, NJ, Mr. Abraham is a Cornell University graduate who worked as an Analyst on Wall Street for a couple of years. He felt a strong calling to contribute to society in a more meaningful way, so he decided to serve in the AmeriCorps program. This was a formative year in which he began to work in the world of nonprofits. Since moving to Chicago, Mr. Abraham has worked in fundraising for The Illinois Coalition for Immigrants and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), the Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS), and many others as a consultant.
Mr. Abraham not only works as a grants writer, but has also been responsible for database responsibilities, and events management. He works to find a balance between the corporate and nonprofit worlds, having most recently worked as an Options Trader prior to joining the Moran Center. In January of 2021, Mr. Abraham joined The Moran Center as the database consultant, and in July, became the full-time Foundation and Corporate Relations Manager. Since 2018 he has been a tutor and mentor to the students at The Midtown Education Foundation in Bucktown.