Community Partners

The Moran Center recognizes the importance of cultivating lasting partnerships with other entities within the community. Our agency is continually developing new opportunities for collaboration with other legal aid and social service agencies to improve the lives of our individual clients and to advocate for reforms which address systemic barriers for our client population as a whole.

Our recent collaborations include partnerships to address our clients needs for education, employment, job-training, housing, mental health service, health care, restorative justice and advocacy as follows:

    • Our Certificate of Rehabilitation Initiative – in partnership with the City of Evanston – improves employment opportunities by reducing the negative impact of a past criminal record. Legal assistance is provided to City of Evanston residents seeking to obtain occupational or professional licenses and increase employment opportunities.
    • Joint programming with Curt’s Cafe, the Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse, and the Youth Job Center helps court-involved youth and young adults gain marketable employment skills and work experience that leads to full-time employment.
    • A youth- focused violence-prevention program, Project Bridge brings together Evanston police officers and teenagers to dispel stereotypes, foster communication and build positive relationships through a series of social and community building activities.
    • The City of Evanston Diversion Program, provides Evanston youth with assistance in completing community service and/or counseling sessions after being cited with minor City ordinance violations.
    • On-going referrals and communication with a multitude of Evanston-based government, school and social service providers including Evanston Township High School (ETHS), Evanston-Skokie District 65, the City of Evanston, Y.O.U., the Youth Job Center of Evanston and PEER Services allow us to support families with holistic, wrap-around community-based support services.
    • Partnership with mental health care providers such as the Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4), Erie Family Health Center, the Family Institute and PEER Services allow Moran Center clients to access community-based mental health services including psychiatric evaluations, treatment and medication, substance treatment and psychological testing and evaluation.
    • Sharing resources and client referrals with organizations such as Connections for the Homeless, Our House, Open Communities, the YMCA and YWCA, as well as other advocates for affordable housing means homeless youth and families have both emergency and long-term shelter as well as legal advocacy to access education, employment and government benefits.
    • Outreach and advocacy is a growing component of our agency’s mission – we proudly partner with the Family Action Network (FAN) and numerous other organizations dedicated to social justice for educational training, resource fairs, conferences, speaker events and other opportunities to educate, inspire and mobilize support to serve client needs and address systemic inequity. For information about upcoming and recent events, follow us on Facebook.

All of our community partnerships allow us to leverage resources and bring high-quality legal and social work programming to the Evanston community.