Directors’ Showcase: Sarah Frudden and Jeff Bergman – Youth Justice Heroes

Jeff Bergman and Sarah Frudden are quiet heroes for youth Justice. Jeff has served on the Moran Center Board of Directors since 2013 and his wife Sarah has been a volunteer since 2015. Jeff is a business trial attorney at Mandell Menkes LLC and has had many successes in litigation, arbitration, and mediation. Sarah, also an attorney, supports the Moran Center by volunteering a couple of days a week. Both Jeff and Sarah are concerned with how the shifts in both the national and state-level government might trickle down and impact youth in our community.  Jeff states that: “In both 2015 and 2016, Illinois saw bipartisan support for new legislation that made the juvenile justice system more fair, and increased opportunities for rehabilitation. Now that there is a new administration in Washington that campaigned on a ‘law and order’ platform, we need to work to make sure that this positive momentum for reform at the state level does not stall out.” Sarah adds, “I see how hard the Moran Center’s staff works every day to support and protect Evanston’s youth. In this uncertain time, when so many of our kids are feeling threatened by their own government, it’s more important to me than ever to support the Moran Center’s work.”

You can follow Jeff on twitter @JeffRWLawyer. To follow Sarah, your best bet is to head to the lakefront – where you can find her out for a run most mornings. We are lucky to have both Jeff and Sarah on our team!