Rep. John Lewis Speaks at E.T.H.S. — Aug. 29, 2016

img_2131-1The excitement of the new school year was elevated to a feverish pitch when Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) visited Evanston Township High School on Aug. 29th. Rep. Lewis discussed his graphic novel series “March,” along with his co-author Andrew Aydin. Rep. Lewis also reflected on his experiences during the civil rights movement and encouraged youth to get informed and engaged. Despite physical attacks, serious injuries, and more than 40 arrests, Rep. Lewis has remained a devoted advocate of the philosophy of nonviolence.

“When you see something that is not right and not fair and not just, you have an obligation, you have a mission and a mandate to speak up, to speak out.”

The Moran Center was a proud co-sponsor of this Family Action Network (FAN) event. Pictured right is Board Member, Adam Chiss, along with Andrew Aydin and Rep. John Lewis.