At the Polls Part 5: Restorative Justice

The Moran Center supports the use of restorative justice practices and principles for children and young adults in conflict with the law. Restorative justice involves restoring the offender’s relationship with the victim, repairing the harm caused, and rehabilitating the offender. Restorative justice stands in contrast to America’s punitive criminal justice system, which has resulted in high recidivism rates, costly and harmful incarceration systems, and devastated minority communities. We are encouraged by the establishment of the Restorative Justice Community Court in North Lawndale as it represents significant promise in applying restorative justice principles within the criminal justice system. We, in fact, see Evanston as the ideal next stop for the spread of the restorative justice judicial model. Don’t you agree? To learn more about restorative justice and the efforts being promoted, please visit Lawndale Christian Legal Center and the North American Council for Juvenile Justice.

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