Parent Partners Program Applications Open

Request for Parent Partner – Apply Online Here!

The purpose of the Parent Partner Program is to empower caregivers to successfully navigate their special education meetings and improve outcomes for their child.  Attending school meetings alone can be intimidating and overwhelming.  If you’d like someone to sit by your side and guide you through the process, a Parent Partner can help.

Parent Partners have received training provided by Evanston CASE and the James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy. Partners have also had personal experience with the special education system.


  1. Fill out an application for a Parent Partner. Submit one month, or at a minimum two weeks, in advance of your scheduled school meeting.
  2. You will be informed about your acceptance for the service, or given a referral to an alternate resource within 48 hours after processing your application.
  3. You will be matched with a Parent Partner based on your individual needs.
  4. After matching you with a Parent Partner, you will receive a phone call from your Parent Partner to schedule a pre-meeting planning session.

Please note…

Partners have volunteered to attend 1-2 meetings with a caregiver.  Additional meetings will be considered on a case by case basis.  If you would like to utilize the program in future meetings, you must reapply.  We cannot guarantee that you will be matched with the same Parent Partner at future meetings.

Parent Partners are not professional advocates or attorneys.  They cannot offer legal advice or speak on your behalf.

This program is co-administered by Evanston CASE and the James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy and is made possible by a generous grant from the Evanston Community Foundation.