Moran Center Board endorses District 65 Operating Referendum

By a unanimous vote last night, the James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy’s Board of Directors voted to endorse Evanston/Skokie School District 65’s Operating Referendum. The Moran Center supports the Operating Referendum because quality, accessible schools require adequate funding. This is a vote to strengthen our community as a whole and preserve the opportunity to build a more equitable school system for all students.

As advocates for low-income children and their families, the Moran Center acknowledges the persistent inequities which exist within District 65; yet, despite such inequities, the Moran Center also recognizes that if the Operating Referendum fails, our clients — low-income children, many of whom have disabilities — would be the most at risk of being harmed by cuts to personnel and programs. The Moran Center therefore strongly encourages Evanston/Skokie residents to vote in favor of the Operating Referendum on April 4th to eliminate the need for significant reductions and maintain services. 

Upon passage of the referendum, the Moran Center stands ready to be a part of the process in developing innovative local policies to make certain that the property tax increase will not overly burden low-income families, who already struggle to meet basic needs. Relief from the property tax increase is a critical step in ensuring that Evanston is a just, welcoming, and inclusive community.