Midterm Voting Guide

The Illinois Midterm Election | Nov. 6, 2018


Why Should I Care About the Midterm Election?

  • The Midterms are important because they decide the make-up of Congress for the next two years. In this Midterm, 35 US Senate seats and all US House of Representative seats are being voted on.
  • Who wins these seats will have a huge impact on state-level policy debates such as the 24/7 juvenile detention review, raising the age of juvenile court to 21, and access to mental health services
  •  The next Governor and Attorney General will be in charge of and develop numerous policies and programs regarding youth justice reform, mental health services treatment, and changes in the criminal justice system. Read more about how this will impact the Moran Center by clicking this link: https://bit.ly/2EZoTtB.


How Do I Vote?


How Do I Figure Out Who to Vote For?