Directors’ Showcase: Dr. David Soglin

Dr. David Soglin is an Evanston resident and the Chief Medical Officer for La Rabida Children’s Hospital. For his entire medical career, Dr. David Soglin has been taking care of and advocating for underserved, under resourced dis-invested communities. He considers his service to the board of the Moran Center an extension of his life-long work of fighting for quality medical care for all his patients.

Five years ago, Dr. Soglin begin to learn more about the adverse effects of childhood trauma, and how systems can have detrimental effects on a child and their family. Soglin knew he had to act. “Once you know the information, you can’t un-know it,” Soglin said. That’s when he knew he had to do something about it.

Soglin came to the board by the recommendation of his friend, Dr. Kate Brady, who is a fellow board member. For years, Soglin followed the work of the Moran Center and shared useful information related to trauma with Moran’s staff. 

As much as he enjoys his contributions to the board, Soglin says it’s nothing compared to the work and sacrifices the Moran Center staff make every day. “I shouldn’t get ‘credit’ for being on the board. That’s easy,” Soglin said. “It’s easy to go to a once-a-month meeting. It’s easy to write a check. They [Moran Center staff] are doing incredible work. Day after day and at a personal cost.”

To learn more about La Rabida Children’s Hospital and how to get involved, please visit their website.