Announcement from Kathy Lyons, Executive Director

June 2016 Announcement (1)


Dear Moran Center friends,

In 2010, I joined the Moran Center to establish our Special Education Legal Advocacy Program.  For the past six years, it has been my privilege to work with a truly remarkable group of Board members, staff, volunteers and community partners to ensure justice and restore hope for children and families in Evanston. As the parent of a son with special needs, I joined the Moran Center because I understand how hard it can be to navigate the complicated world of special education. As a lawyer, I admired the work the Moran Center has done since 1981 to ensure that all Evanston youth receive justice in the courtroom.  In the past six years, our organization has expanded services, strengthened relationships and benefited from the support of people like you who believe we can dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline with strong prevention, intervention and restorative services.

As my own children have grown, and children we serve at the Moran Center have matured into adulthood, I have come to recognize the vital importance of employment for all young adults, but particularly for those with disabilities and other barriers to employment.  Beginning July 1, I will be transitioning my duties as Executive Director to my esteemed colleague Patrick Keenan-Devlin so I can focus on expanding employment opportunities for youth whose skills and talents are too often unrecognized and under-utilized.

I am confident that the Moran Center will continue to thrive under Patrick’s leadership.  Patrick has served as Deputy Director since 2012, and he and I will continue to work together until September 1, 2016 to ensure a seamless transition. After that, I look forward to serving as so many alumni of our Board and staff do – as a strong champion and dedicated ambassador of the Moran Center.

It has been a great honor to serve as Executive Director.  Most of all, it has been an honor to witness the strength and determination our clients have shown in overcoming significant challenges and even heartbreaking tragedy. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of an organization passionately dedicated to restoring hope, realizing dreams, and allowing young people to achieve beyond all expectations.


Kathleen L. Lyons