What We Do

Since 1981, the Moran Center has been restoring hope and ensuring justice with a lifeline of innovative, holistic legal and social work programs. Moran Center lawyers and social workers provide integrated legal and social work services to address the critical needs of Evanston youth, age 26 and younger. The success of these young people – at home, at school and in the community – benefits all of us. Our agency’s multidisciplinary advocacy on behalf of Evanston youth plays a critical role in ensuring this success.

Legal Programs and Social Work Services – Representation and Restoration

Our legal service programs represent Evanston young people in a variety of legal settings including juvenile court, adult criminal court, and in school special education and disciplinary matters (Districts 202 & 65). The programs also provide clients with ongoing case management, and legal trainings and workshops. Our legal representation is combined with social work services for a non-traditional approach that leverages the request for legal assistance to help youth and families address social and emotional challenges at home, in school, or in social interaction with others. Our social workers provide outreach, case management, short-term crisis intervention, and individual, family and group counseling.

Redirection Services

The Moran Center provides redirection and restorative justice programs to help individuals build skills and rebuild their lives. Current programs include the City of Evanston Diversion Program, Expungement Help Desk, and Project Bridge.

Outreach and Advocacy

Outreach and advocacy is a growing component of our agency’s mission – we proudly partner with the Family Action Network (FAN) and numerous other organizations dedicated to social justice for educational trainings, resource fairs, conferences, speaker events and other opportunities to educate, inspire and mobilize support to serve client needs and address systemic inequity. For information about upcoming and recent events, follow us on Facebook. Please contact our office if you are interested in learning more about educational trainings and speakers.

The Moran Center’s services are free to qualifying individuals. For most programs, eligible participants are (1) 26 or younger (or a parent of someone 26 or younger), (2) at or below 80% of poverty as determined by HUD, and (3) reside within the City of Evanston or attend school in Evanston.  Please refer to our individual programs to determine specific eligibility requirements.

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