Emerging Adult-Youth Defense

Advocating for Change

In 2012, the Moran Center managed 60-80 juvenile delinquency matters at any given time including cannabis possession, batteries, and retail theft cases. Today, those low-level offenses have been diverted away from the criminal legal system and only more serious cases are being litigated in the local juvenile delinquency system. Yes, admittedly, this local trend reflects national, state, and regional trends but Evanston’s rate of juvenile prosecution has fallen faster than other surrounding communities and that’s directly attributable to the Moran Center’s advocacy in developing local off-ramps from the system. In CY22, the Moran Center defended 17 children compared to 188 in CY13. We have made real progress!


The Moran Center represents and counsels youth under the age of 26 from the City of Evanston involved in the criminal and juvenile justice systems.

Please call 847-492-1410, email contact@moran-center.org, or complete our intake application online* to ask about representation.