Donna Wong-Long

Donna Wong-Long, Development Associate

Ms. Long joined the Moran Center on September 5, 2017. Ms. Long has a Bachelor of Science degree from Johnson C. Smith University. After college Ms. Long worked as a Veterinary Technician in Charleston, SC as she waited to begin her studies at Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service in Atlanta, Ga. Sidelined by marriage, Ms. Long remained in her hometown and took a position with the Committee for Better Racial Assurance as a Sickle Cell counselor to parents of affected newborn children and those tested as a result of counseling. Through her husband’s job, Ms. Long has lived in Baltimore, MD and Tucson, AZ, where she began her most exciting and rewarding position as Mom. Tucson is also where she began her career as a “professional” volunteer. Children and young adults have always been the focus of her volunteer endeavors. Subsequent moves to Reno, NV and Pullman, WA brought her family to Evanston in 2008. Being at the Moran Center brings her great joy, as she transitions from her full-time position as Mom her daughters’ Financier/Consultant. In her spare time, Ms. Long enjoys gardening, cooking and cheering on the Northwestern Wildcats. She has a particular soft spot for her NU Defensive Line “sons”.