About Us

The James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy champions justice and restores hope with a lifeline of innovative, holistic legal and social work programs because ALL kids deserve justice in the courtroom, access to the classroom, and restoration in the community.

Our goal is to provide Evanston youth and their families with the support to successfully emerge from a challenging legal situation, tools to make positive life choices, and the ability to thrive in the Evanston community.

Our Mission

The James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy provides community-based legal, mental health, and restorative services for youth and families. Our approach is holistic, healing-centered, client-driven. Our work advances the vision of a more just, racially equitable, and restorative society at the local, regional, and state level.

Our Vision

We envision that….

  • Youth and families have bright futures – successful in school, jobs, and the community.
  • Our community is just and racially equitable, employing restorative practices to resolve conflict.
  • Systemic barriers are dismantled locally, regionally, and statewide – adopting instead public policies that radically benefit and improve the lives of historically marginalized youth and families.

Our Network

The Moran Center is a member of the National Legal Defender Association.  Our work is made possible through generous contributions from individuals, private foundations, corporations, and the City of Evanston.


You may learn more about the Moran Center from this video essay from our Justice Demands gala.

VIDEO: “Justice Demands” was created by SurtzMedia for the James B. .Moran Center for Youth Advocacy’s “Justice Demands” Gala in April 2019.