Outreach & Advocacy

Outreach and advocacy is a growing component of our agency’s mission – we proudly partner with the Family Action Network (FAN) and numerous other organizations dedicated to social justice for educational training, resource fairs, conferences, speaker events and other opportunities to educate, inspire and mobilize support to serve client needs and address systemic inequities.

The Moran Center’s legal representation of youth and our social work service programs provide a unique perspective to share with social service agencies, schools and the City of Evanston.  Youth are often referred to the Moran Center when other professionals or caregivers have been unable to resolve a problem.  Indeed, the majority of our clients face numerous significant challenges in their lives – challenges stemming from poverty, mental health needs, emotional and learning disabilities, substance addictions, housing instability and homelessness.

Because of our unique position as a counselor, champion and advocate of our clients, we are committed to being involved in the community dialogue surrounding Evanston youth and their needs. Our commitment takes various forms:

  • Legal Rights Trainings – The Moran Center provides law-related education and training on a variety of topics including Knowing Your Rights and Responsibilities, Personal Advocacy and Empowerment, Restorative Justice, Navigating the Juvenile Justice System, Special Education Rights and Advocacy, Criminal Records: Expungement and Sealing and Education Boot Camp:  School Law 101.  These sessions enable us to engage in critical community outreach and educate students, parents, schools and community partners.  Sessions and trainings are available by request.  Please contact the Moran Center for more information.
  • Trauma-informed Social Work Trainings – The Moran Center provides trauma-informed trainings on a variety of social and emotional learning topics including Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Personal Advocacy and Empowerment, Restorative Justice, Violence Intervention and Prevention and Navigating the Juvenile Justice System.  These sessions provide young people and adults with critical communication and problem solving skills and training.  Sessions and trainings are available by request.  Please contact the Moran Center for more information.
  • Community Involvement – Members of the Moran Center staff play an active role in various community efforts including the Local Area Network 40, Evanston’s Cradle to Career Initiative, and the City of Evanston Mayor’s Youth Task Force.
  • Special Initiatives – From time to time, the Moran Center conducts research and advocates on specific issues relating to juvenile justice, school discipline, special education and criminal justice system reform.  For example, the Certificate of Rehabilitation Initiative is a current partnership between the Moran Center and the City of Evanston to (1) educate residents about the importance of expunging or sealing an arrest and/or criminal record and (2) improve educational, employment and housing opportunities through legal assistance which reduces the negative effects of a criminal record.

For information about upcoming and recent events, follow us on Facebook. Please contact the Moran Center if you are interested in learning more about educational trainings and speakers.