Social Work Services

Our social workers restore hope and rebuild lives. Social work programming begins with a non-traditional approach that leverages the request for legal assistance to help youth and families recognize social and emotional challenges at home, in school, or in social interaction with others. The Social Work Services Program has the capacity to provide outreach, case management, short-term crisis intervention, and individual, family and group counseling. Through the Moran Center’s integrated programs, we are able serve our clients’ needs not only in the courtroom, but with the family, at school and in the community.

  • Case Management assists clients in arranging services in order to successfully complete all requirements of their probation as well as in managing other aspects of their life including education, employment, and housing.
  • Individual Counseling is a collaborative and confidential process in which clients meet with a social worker in order to explore the client’s feelings and behaviors, relationships, choices, and decisions, as well as the client’s current situation.
  • Full Life Future Planning (FLFP) supports individuals to achieve all the opportunities of a full life through goal setting. FLFP helps clients to identify their hopes and dreams as well as what can help or hinder them from reaching these dreams.
  • Crisis Intervention provides clients with immediate short-term assistance in processing through an emotional and difficult disruption in their lives. This could include helping clients process and effectively respond to a school or home related incident.
  • Anger Management/Conflict Resolution helps clients develop healthy and effective ways to handle their emotions and develop coping skills to help them live a healthy and productive life.
  • Community Service Assistance includes helping clients to locate and arrange possible places in the Evanston community that clients can complete their community service hours.