Redirection Services

The Moran Center provides the following redirection and restorative justice programs and services:

  • Expungement and Sealing Help Desk – The Moran Center provides criminal records expungement and sealing services to increase education, employment and housing opportunities to for eligible clients. To assist in the expungement petition process, we currently operate an Expungement and Sealing Help Desk at the Skokie Courthouse (5600 Old Orchard Road) every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. All are eligible to receive advice and legal assistance in seeking expungement and sealing regardless of age or residency and are served on a first-come, first-served basis.

For additional information about expunging court records, please see the following documents:

Expungement Help Desk Flyer

Expungement Brochure

Spanish version: Mesa de ayuda para borrar antecedentes penales

  • City of Evanston Diversion Program – The City of Evanston Diversion Program provides Evanston youth with assistance in completing community service and/or couseling sessions after being cited with minor City ordinance violations. Youth and young adults are referred to the program by City of Evanston Administrative Law Judges.
  • Full Life Future Planning – FLFP is a person-centered, future planning process developed by the Center for Independent Futures (CIF). The FLFP Program provides Evanston’s most vulnerable youth with a vehicle to assess strengths and barriers in their lives, to develop specific goals to achieve a successful future based upon their hopes and dreams, and to realize this future through mentorship and support from community members. To be eligible for the FLFP program, participants must be: (1) a resident of Evanston and (2) a current client of the Moran Center.
  • Post Adjudication Counseling/Case Management – Following our legal representation, we provide many of our clients with post-adjudication counseling and case management. Services could include individual therapy, referrals to outside agencies, community service assistance and/or crisis intervention services.